Updated 6/11/2015

Von Melee runs book donation campaigns with FirstBook and other thrift stores in Denver. I started taking book donations to help people get rid of unwanted books easily while helping raise money for local charities.  The best books are sold or donated with a portion of proceeds to charity.

There are likely over a billion dollars worth of books being donated and over the next decade as people downsize to smaller homes, replace physical books with eBook copies or use the library more and more, that number is likely to grow. That’s why we created these campaigns.

The best types of books to donate are newer non-fiction and used textbooks  as they tend to have more shelf life.  Encyclopedias, law books, outdated titles and the like typically no longer have a readership so are best recycled or re-purposed.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know. We also are running a crowdfunding campaign to help build a new website. If you want to see this idea grow, a $35 donation helps us get two additional book pickups!

Matthew Melle Johnson is the editor of Von Melee.  I’m from Framingham, MA.  I am a father, bookseller,  and internet marketing analyst living in Westminster CO,  by way of Denver,  Chicago and Iowa City, IA.