What Brene Brown Got Me Into

I’m sorry to tell you this. Owning your own business does not guarantee controlling your schedule.

I’m pondering running a post with the headline, this bookstore is killing me. (I did, it’s here and it freaked out my aunt, who is a psych nurse)

Careful, “Entrepreneurship Can Kill You”

rising strong brene brown

Not being ready, made me ready and well, the gifts of imperfection are completely apparent.  There is the down of the vulnerable trip.  The “reckoning.”

But also there is the up of being vulnerable. Of getting it out there.  Opening up to the vulnerable is a path to power and getting the job done. 

Brene didn’t want to talk about any of “the personal shit” when she first faced her obstacles with a therapist. That’s fine if she is treating her patient, but for her own therapy, which was with a therapist who specialized in seeing other therapists, she wanted to skip ahead.

My question is, who sees the therapists who see therapists, hmmm?

I’m the worst. I can see, but not the steps. 

Brene came at it with numbers, percentages and “quantitative reasoning.” I did too. I planned for certain growth based on past growth…it didn’t materialize. Our online store has improved about 25 to 30%. That’s great.

I’m pretty sure this is a post about building gratitude. About building a habit of writing. About having something that has a New Thought / New Age spin but informed by my own pseudo-polymath style.

Something that kind of works for people who want to practice and want to stay in the game. If only to teach the game something.

Beyond the vulnerability, the people I see are also doing the same. They are finding new energies of resilience too.  Vulnerability can make you invincible. Free of external comparison, eventually, I can see that.  My business plans were based on numbers but the ultimate was to make myself vulnerable.

The gifts of imperfection to flow out. 

Flow is an important part of life…I’m looking to float down the stream. The current moves more quickly at times, it can be choppy from hidden rocks, or it can lull and barely move you along.  You can get caught in a riptide and have to force your way out of the negative stream.

But then down the stream you’ll float again. 

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