You don’t have to believe in the principle

In fact the principle might be quite startling. There’s nothing you need to do and say, there is no justification for it. That’s how it works with principles.

Now doing things on principle, doesnt actually engage a principle, usually. In A Man Called Over, Ove mistakes his judgments for how things should be done….for a principle. In fact a whole swath of older men mistake their narrow judgments for a broader principle. This is why Ove wants to die. He is mistaking his judgments of what people should do, where they should park their bicycles, how they should maintain their homes and vehicles , for a principle that isn’t a principle.


A principle is not a series of justified resentments and logical steps. A principle IS.

You are innocent in not being aware of a principle and you are bound by that principle regardless if you believe it or not, know it or not, understand it or not.

It is a whole even an entity with dimension and space and time. Uncover all principles in your life and you’ll see the ones that are and the ones that aren’t.

So a principle is that our thoughts make the things we see and do. The more I tried to explain it, the less I saw it. It’s mysterious and ineffable and whole you can logic – into the ballpark of it, when your on the field that logic which got you to the field needs to be let go.

The greatest principle in the world is that all is love. All of it. I know this is quite startling, I know that you may not even believe it in fact you may openly and vigorously resist that.

Luckily you are innocent.

Ps. Raj explains this well ….