The fight or flight response is an evolutionary reptile

There’s a lot we want to hide. Intentions, judgments, dreams, things we need. Although we think of being scared of something as being something we want to hide from, we also want to hide.

When people ask us what we think, we use hedging words. We say anything.  But not the word that would pin us down. These are words of hiding.

We are scared of being seen. What if someone sees us for who we truly are. It’s not the end of the world. 

We are scared to live the lives we dream. 

Living the life we dream isn’t scary. It isn’t earth shattering either. We can achieve that dream and BAM!

We are still scared.

Fight or flight is tough to overcome. We are reminded to be aroused by our mobile phones. That’s why I no longer care about what Trump did or said or what happened to those people in California or Florida or somewhere. The fight or flight response is an evolutionary reptile that we are evolving away from. You can turn it off by intention and repetition. In fact there is a formula. I call it three for one.

When you have a fight or flight response, it takes three positive intentions to overcome that one negative thought. So for example, you mess up an assignment at work, you think “my boss is going to berate me, I’d better cover my ass” (fight) or “I better look for another job” (flight).

Become aware of these then just turn to a positive intention. “My boss values my work and after all I’ve been here for three years.” Then repeat it two more times. This will start to reprogram the reptile. For flight responses, say “Well the grass always seems greener on the other side. I have nothing to hide from” This will bring into well-being NOW and over time help you evolve. 

It takes three positive thoughts to reprogram a negative one.