I give meaning to everything I see

I give the meaning to everything I see. This is a Course in Miracles sentiment and what it means is that you choose your emotional and physical responses and also the labels that we give things, people and experiences.

We have all kinds of brain chemical which attach to our positive and negative thoughts and feelings.

Believing in these as true may center us while it’s positive or negative but those can wear off. A lot of it is seeing the world as an awesome, absorbing but also cruel and sometimes unusual illusion. The basis of this illusion is to learn the curriculum of kove, peace and tranquility.

When we see that world it triggers a world more like but it’s never done because we will see negative things and gave experiences which are not what we want or desire.

When the negative ones happen the tendency is to damn the world you see. You don’t have to create a qualitative perspective. Just say “I give meaning to every thing I see.”