I have all the good in my life I want. It’s that simple.

You won’t find prosperity by talking or thinking about your lack of money. This wasted thinking and this mind chatter cannot bring you abundance. Even if you have a ton of money in the bank. 

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Dwelling on lack only deprives happiness with what you have. From a place of contentment you can create more financial stability and happiness. Poverty can overwhelm and reproduce itself. Thankfully gratitude also reproduces itself and will open the flows of money.

Here are some negative affirmations, which I know personally work in their deprivations. “I never have enough money!” That’s a wonderful affirmation to use if you want to stay broke. I also have seen amazing positive affirmations work in my financial abundance

Another doozy, “Money goes out faster than it comes in.” This is a poverty thought of the worst kind and you will see it work again and again and again.

The Universe most powerfully responds to what you believe about yourself and others. Examine whatever negative thoughts you have about money. Some of mine are, “ I’d have money if my employer wasn’t such a cheap skate,” or “I’ve never wanted to be rich anyways, it just complicates things.”

Neither of these thoughts solve the problem behind the sentiment. They just keep the money away. I choose to release these negative thoughts about money. They haven’t served me well in the past and they won’t serve me well in the future.

Another thing that can keep you from prospering is being dishonest. Whatever you give out, comes back to you. How you see the world is how you create that world. Dishonest and miserly behavior is an affirmation that there isn’t enough for you, that there’s not enough to go around for all. Instead I have to sneak, I have to take it.

I love to have stability in my financial affairs but I used to enjoy the ups and downs of the flow. Becoming aware of this belief and fixing my true desires while giving up the base desires I was expressing, created some disconnections in my life. But once that healing took place it opened up to a broader definition of prosperity.

I have all the good in my life I want. It’s that simple. As I accept and believe it, I’ll see it. No one in your family or at your work sees it this way. 

It only has to work in your experience. If it doesn’t,  move onto something that does.

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