Intuition is a business skill

Intuition is a business skill I’m developing.

And why not?

I have so many talented people who use MBA level moves in their business, whose skill set is Fortune 500, that I can focus on bringing the archetypal truth of the brand, through intuition and observing the fundamental core of the brand. Over and over again.

Which reveals essential beauty every time. 

The Book Driver process looks like giving and receiving in action. Over and over, forever adding to the flywheel of opportunity. 

I know it sounds crazy, but investors must be crazy too, because firms like Best Of Colorado offer small business funding based on your business being nice. It is my intuition this grows in the next decade.

I am a writer. My experience matters, writing 500 web pages and blogs, over 200 songs (and once 27 songs in a day, 40 to 50 to newspaper articles and press releases and hundreds of email newsletters. 

My intuition, out of this jumble of internet work, is to be generous with this blog, generous with my titles and generous enough to write for understanding. That experience is the best experience for reader’s

This won’t work out every time.

My information is easy to use and very simply the best methods and polices to make a small thriving business. I have a contrarian marketing approach that’s called the Big Narrative. It isn’t for bigger businesses, it’s for book stores and small micro businesses. 0 to 10 employee-type companies. 

It helps you look at web traffic on your blog holistically and use the data as an anchor for deeper intuitive knowledge.

Many business owners would call it using your gut. I think you can intellectually train your intuition through data and the right insider information about your industry and market. It all fills up and you just find yourself deciding things better.

The other side that’s key is the kinesiology side,  meaning getting to know feelings and sensations in your body when meeting new business partners, hiring someone, or working out buying a business. 

There are triggers for fear and distrust that you can feel in your body. I’m learning to trust them and it works. I also get positive feedback to, a lightening of the torso, chest and forehead. These make being in business fun, those types of intuitions. 

Intuitive knowledge comes in all directions, but my body is the clearest deliverer of information. But I do think intuition can and should be trained by the intellect, by allowing unfiltered data, web traffic, conversion statistics and time on sight to be mainly used to write for better understanding.

I have an intuition about that also, not surprisingly.


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