Noticing my intense labeling

This morning I took some time to observe my labeling. There is a lot of quote, negative things going on in my life. The main one is getting divorced. I think she got “tired of my shit” as a good friend said. Only a good friend could say that and mean it in a helpful way.

What I was labeling this morning was reasons why I’m a better husband, soon to be an ex-husband then other ex-husbands i hear about.  I don’t like that label, ex-husband. In meditation that label just trickles away.

I’m not an adulterer so why? I’m a good father so why? Doesn’t she appreciate loyalty or that we made it work through some hard times. Doesn’t she know she took the best years of my life. Why and why?

These were all pain body reactions. As I started just noticing the labels, the attachments to these ideas just became that. Ideas and really wrong ideas. Places to put more pain.

Funny how NOW when I observe those thoughts, can’t even recall my reasons for fear and doubt and fury. That was literally and hour ago. They just dissipate when the Observer mind notices this intense labeling.

There is a simple meditation practice you can do anytime. It works very well for people like me who don’t have time to meditate. If you capture an essence of awareness about your ruminations , try just labeling your thoughts as thinking while detaching from the you who is doing it and naturally you embrace the You that you are.

Example. I allowed her to grow as a person and I’m really mad that wasn’t enough. This becomes,  my thoughts are thinking that I wasn’t enough blah, blah.

This separation brings you into the real reality, the separation and detachement between thought and the person , no the mind thinking the thought. Labeling your thoughts allows you to observe the thinker of the thoughts and the artificial thought itself is seen as just that.

I want to share more about my stories bu right now, after this labeling meditation, all sense of drama escaped. It’ll come back and it will make a better story.