Playing your cards of humanity

I’ve never played Cards Against Humanity but I’ve heard so much about it, that I feel like I have!

We are all holding a deck of cards throughout our life. I’d think of it as cards for our humanity!

The deck is finite and contains your gifts, experiences, talents and people around you. 

cards for humanity


You have more than enough cards to play and win in this Game of Life, to reference a classic metaphysical book by Florence Scovel-Shinn. (Btw, we have two copies in stock at the bookstore)

If something joyous occurs, you play the card that best embraces joy. In my deck I call that the Letting card and that card allows me to let it in. The Observer card is another great one, to record and observe the small and big things that let you know you are on the path. 

If contrasting or conflicting experiences happen, you have a card in your deck for that as well. The Acceptance card is a powerful one to play there. Also Support which is asking for help from your wonderful circle. 

You can lovingly select the present moment emotions and reactions in your life by playing the proper card. I do have some lower power cards in my deck, (Anger, Fear, Regret) but do I have to play those? I may just slough them off like a useless 2 of clubs. 

Each card in your deck represents an intention and experience you wish to take from that. 

We learn to play with the hand we are dealt. We accept the cards as they are and play that hand with as much love, acceptance and graciousness as w can see, feel, taste and touch. 

I love to play card games.Poker, gin, spades, Go Fish, blackjack, on and on we can successfully play so many different games and win at those games. All using the same deck of cards. 

The rules change but when you learn the rules, you can win every time, even if you lose. Because we have all the cards we need to win, to feel joy, to celebrate our aliveness, to celebrate the game. 

Life gets better when you play the cards that support your humanity. 


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