Sacrifice is not required

Sacrifice is not required. Hard work won’t get you out of it or onto the next plane. What we mistake for sacrifice and hard work is focused intention.

We might look at the hypnotic concentration that a writer, a singer, a doctor, an accountant enters in their work. First that person is entering their work. They own as their birthright because that’s what they are here for.

Second is they don’t see it as sacrifice or hard work if they are in the right game. If they weren’t in the right game all that hard work would be just that signifying nothing working hard to get you further away.

Sacrifice for another’s intention probably. If you get into the game your equipped to play ypu don’t work hard, you enter a flow state perfectly natural to your mission.

There is no sacrifice thats required of you. You don’t have to give up the nice car or move or take sone vow of poverty for the future reward. Just understand that your in the right game or need to start playing a different game.